Québec Relations: Funding Platform Update – Now Including CALQ Grants for Individual Artists!

Québec Relations is pleased to announce an exciting update to our comprehensive provincial funding platform: individual artists can now benefit from our searchable platform! Simply enter your search criteria and find a range of grant programs available through CALQ, all clearly summarized and presented in English. We’ve added 30 programs so far – in addition to the 158 grants for organizations already on the platform – and that number will grow with any new funding opportunities we’re able to identify. This is all part of our commitment to making our funding platform your number one resource for arts funding in Quebec!

But our commitment to supporting the English-speaking arts community doesn’t stop there. Do you need a bit of hands-on assistance to find the right funding for you? Québec Relations has you covered! Simply get in touch to request a consultation and we’ll help you identify your best options for supporting your work. And for anyone who needs help applying, we go one step further: we offer free referrals for grant assistance with one of our experienced consultants to help you learn fundamental grant-writing skills and apply with greater confidence! All it takes is an email to get started, so contact us today at research@gpipublicidad.com to request your consultation or referral.